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21" Round Metal Stoolen

Image of 21" Round Metal Stoolen


In the tradition of Uhuru’s signature Stoolen, which is made from locally collected scrap wood, the Metal Stoolen was born from scrap material in the Uhuru metal shop. Every process creates some kind of scrap; the key is to find a product that can utilize the increasingly small pieces that result. In this case, the scraps were leftover lengths of steel that were too short to be used in furniture production. Improvising in the shop one day, the Uhuru designers discovered that, when cut down to the same length and grouped haphazardly, the scraps produced a dynamic pattern filled with what the Japanese call “empty space”—negative space that is as important as the solid materials themselves. The bright powder coating protects the metal and highlights the relationship between the object and the empty space that surrounds it. Custom colors are available for powder coated steel frame. All our items are hand built to order in Red hook, Brooklyn and available in custom sizes and finishes.